About Topspin Labs

Topspin Labs is the go-to technology spinoff incubator for growing companies that have developed proven technologies for new market opportunities.  Our unique approach allows our partners to remain focused on growing their core business while the new startup venture is incubated and launched by a capable management team.

At Topspin, we co-found and launch new businesses with our partners.  We approach the launch process for new spinoff ventures holistically and systematically, using proven tools to identify and execute the most successful launch and to ensure growth.  Topspin provides an expert management team to incubate the new venture in its earliest stages.  Our business builders are experts in creating new companies with sustainable business models.  We secure the best leaders for the venture by proving its business model before long-term personnel are identified.  We develop efficient capital strategies to secure investment from internal and external sources.

Topspin Labs is the trusted partner for your company’s next spinoff venture.

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