The Challenges We Solve

Many growing companies develop new technologies in the course of executing their business. Much of the time, those technologies have applications for new markets that are different from the company’s core competencies.  Too frequently these technologies sit idle while the opportunity passes by. The missed opportunity is often a result of a lack of key resources, such as available talent or time to focus on commercializing the new technology.

Flourishing companies must maintain unwavering focus on core business growth.  Too often this focus leaves the company’s market position exposed to innovative competitors who can afford to pursue low-margin offerings with massive growth potential.  To protect their market share, many companies must identify new ways to innovate before nimble startups can disrupt them.

Topspin Labs is an ideal partner for co-launching new ventures when:

  • Company management and resources must remain dedicated to building and growing the core business
  • The company lacks in-house personnel who are adept at launching a new business and who are available for this project
  • The new market is outside of the company’s core competence and not yet well understood by company leaders
  • Startup capital for launching the venture is hard to come by

Topspin Labs’ unique approach helps companies solve these challenges, allowing the established company to focus on accelerating growth while Topspin Labs incubates startups for the company’s future.  We are a trusted partner who helps companies formulate and explore market opportunities for their technologies, then capitalize and launch new ventures to pursue them.

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