Topspin’s internal incubation team acts as the interim management team for each new spinoff venture during its first few months. This interim management team is gradually transitioned out as long-term leaders for the venture are identified.  As part of this leadership identification process, Topspin Labs hires Entrepreneurs-In-Residence (EIRs) to help advise and lead the company during the launch.  Commonly, these EIRs become the long-term CXOs for the new spinoff venture upon the closing of a capital raise event.

On an ongoing basis, Topspin Labs maintains a Council of EIRs, who become a vital part of the incubation team for specific new ventures.  Our Council of EIRs meets periodically to evaluate new technologies and spinoff opportunities, and then collaborates to develop the initial theories for each business case and the corresponding go-to-market strategies.  During the incubation stage, EIRs help guide the spinoff company through its business model development process, leading the creation of initial products and services, establishing initial customer relationships, and helping to generate early revenue opportunities.  EIRs may also help to secure financing and long-term personnel for the new venture and lead the company into its operational launch.

EIRs are generally entrepreneurs and technologists who have senior business leadership experience or technology expertise and contacts in industry, and who are looking for their next opportunity to lead a high-growth startup.


Currently we are actively seeking EIR candidates with the following areas of expertise:

Entrepreneur-In-Residence – Law Enforcement Products and Technologies (E0615001).

We are seeking a EIR candidate with deep experience building, growing and scaling a technology company serving law enforcement and military customers. Critical experience of the EIR includes guiding a company through the product development process, with experience making sales to early-adopters, and then rapidly expanding to a larger customer base. (Learn more…)

Entrepreneur-In-Residence – Product Marketing for Health Apps and Wearables (E0615002).

We are also seeking an EIR who has deep experience in product marketing of software-based technologies. We have a strong preference for candidates with experience marketing mobile health apps and health wearables. Critical experience of the EIR includes the development and execution of large-scale B-to-C consumer marketing campaigns. Experience with large corporate sales may also be beneficial. (Learn more…)

Entrepreneur-In-Residence – Gamification & Health (E0615003).

We are seeking EIRs who have has extensive experience in the development, marketing, and/or sales of games and gamified software apps.  Past experience with gamified health apps is of particular interest.  Particular skills of interest include product management, product development, product marketing, sales, and/or software architecture/development. (Learn more…)

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