Join Our Team

Join Our Team!

Are you an expert business builder with a passion for building new businesses?  Are you interested in helping new startups succeed and getting in on the “ground floor” of new opportunities?  Do you thrive in the rapid paced environment inherent in startups?  If so, consider joining our team at Topspin Labs!

There are two ways to join our team at Topspin Labs.

  1. Entrepreneurs-In-Residence focus on a specific incubated company, with the intent of becoming long-term managers and CXOs of that company as it grows.  Learn more
  2. Business Builders and other staff positions listed below work to launch and grow multiple companies within our incubator.

Business Builders help guide each new spinoff venture through its startup stages, developing new products, initial customer relationships, and iterating to sustainable business models. Business Builders also help secure financing and staff for the venture, and lead the company through its operational launch.

At Topspin Labs, we are always looking for Business Builders who have experience working in and successfully exiting one or more startup companies.  While our target industries change frequently, we currently have a particular interest in those who have direct prior experience in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Trials
  • Statistical Modeling Software
  • Healthcare, Wellness and Fitness Equipment
  • Process and Workflow Software Tools
  • Physical Security and Antiterrorism/Force Protection

Business Builders and Open Staff Positions: