New Business Incubator in Northern Virginia Focusing on Corporate Spinoffs

Topspin Labs, a new business incubator in Tysons Corner, is partnering with established companies to co-found new startups that are spinoffs from existing businesses. Topspin Labs differs from traditional incubators and accelerators by actively managing the operations of each new spinoff company.

Vienna, VA (PRWEB) November 05, 2013


A new business incubator in Northern Virginia is launching new startups that are spinoffs from existing companies. Tysons Corner-based Topspin Labs is partnering with established companies to create new startups to pursue specific market opportunities.

Mike Keymer, co-founder and Managing Director of Topspin Labs, says the new incubator addresses an unmet need in the Washington DC metro area. “This region is abundant with innovative and growing companies who develop a wealth of new technologies every year,” says Keymer. “Sometimes those technologies have applications for new markets that are very different from the growing company’s core business. Many of these fast-growing companies must remain focused on their current operations—they simply cannot afford the distractions of simultaneously trying to launch a new spinoff using their internal management and resources. Topspin Labs partners with these companies to quickly bring their technologies to new markets while allowing the parent companies to focus on running and growing their core business.”

Topspin Labs’ unique approach is different from traditional business incubators and accelerators, which focus on providing support and mentoring to existing teams of entrepreneurs. As Keymer says, “Topspin Labs is directly involved in the day-to-day company operations at a much deeper level than traditional incubators and accelerators. We co-found the spinoff venture together with the parent company and then actively manage the spinoff’s launch. Topspin provides the initial management team personnel, tests the market opportunity, develops the business model, and guides the startup through its early stages.”

Keymer feels that the Washington DC area is an ideal location for Topspin Labs. “Our co-founding partnership model is particularly well-suited for companies whose core business is developing technologies for federal government customers. These companies usually retain rights to commercialize the technologies they develop for use in the private sector. We are really excited about the opportunity to help these companies pursue new commercial markets for their intellectual property.”

Topspin Labs is housed in the offices of its affiliated company Right Start Consulting, Inc. Right Start is a Virginia-based management and technology consultancy that focuses on helping early-stage companies raise capital and launch operations. “Topspin Labs is extremely fortunate to be able to leverage the depth of Right Start’s experience helping new ventures succeed at accelerating growth, developing new offerings, and raising capital,” states Keymer. “We are particularly fortunate to be aligned with Right Start’s network of angel investors, which gives our companies an edge in acquiring early-stage capital.”

Fabián Rosado, President of Right Start, is excited about the opportunity that Topspin Labs brings to growing and innovative businesses. “Right Start has helped many entrepreneurs and growing businesses overcome the challenges faced by new ventures as they secure critical resources, refine their offerings, and bring them to market,” says Rosado. “Topspin Labs offers a unique commercialization model to help innovative firms pursue adjacent markets quickly in a way that minimizes risks to the parent companies.”

While the incubator has just launched this summer, Topspin Labs is already incubating its first spinoff company. While he’s clearly enthusiastic about this new spinoff’s launch, Keymer is keeping the details under wraps for now. “It’s a data analytics venture in the healthcare space. That’s all I can say today. We are really excited for the launch, and so are our partners.”